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School Cleaning Services


In light of today’s current situation, school cleaning and disinfecting is more important now than ever before. In hopes of safely returning to a normal school year this fall, it is crucial to have a professional cleaning service to get the job done right. Planned Companies has had over 120+ years of experience in quality cleaning, janitorial, and maintenance services and is here to make sure students return to a clean and safe school environment.

Planned offers quality cleaning services to public and private schools, colleges, and student housing locations. Offering a wide range of services, Planned can accommodate to any need from commercial school cleaning and disinfection to student housing maintenance and cleaning. With reliable service, rapid response times, years of experience and knowledgeable experts, Planned is able to take on this important job of keeping students, faculty, and tenants safe and healthy.

“New Normal” Operating Procedures; Janitorial Guidelines for your School


As the start of the new school year approaches, we understand that the cleanliness of school buildings is paramount, now more than ever, in order to provide peace of mind to not only students and their parents, but faculty and staff. With over 120 years of experience passionately delivering accountable and customer-service oriented janitorial services, Planned Companies has established an Internal Pandemic Response Team to continuously stay up to date with CDC changing guidelines, industry trends, and innovative cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Our teams have now professionally developed and implemented industry best practices for various building types across all of our markets, including residential communities, commercial properties, and educational facilities. In this New Normal, transparency and accountability are critical. As such, Planned Companies has outlined the following necessary steps that we will perform in order to safely reopen your school and provide ongoing disinfecting service to ensure a safe and healthy educational experience.


When it comes to disinfecting services, the products used are only as good as the team administering them. With that in mind, Planned Companies utilizes highly trained and experienced Pandemic Response Teams, specially tasked with eliminating contaminants and mitigating their spread. Some of the processes and procedures we’ve implemented include, but are not limited to:

  • We are providing on-going training for our associates on best practices inorder to ensure adherence to all CDC guidelines as they are released.


For the most up to date CDC Guidelines please visit the resources below.

  • We are in constant communication with our associates, encouraging them totake precautionary steps to stay safe and healthy. For associates who mightbe ill, we have updated our polices to better accommodate their needs andensure they return to workplace in good health.
  • We have established contingency plans in order to ensure there are nodisruptions of your services due to the pandemic’s effect on the labor market.
  • We will review site inventory of cleaning supplies, disinfectants, equipment,and consumables to ensure inventory levels are aligned with forecastedschool occupancy.
  • We will ensure there is adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):Gloves, Eye Protection and Face Masks for our associates. Should youreducational facility be interested in additional PPE for faculty and/or staff,Planned Companies may procure and provide supplies to your facility.
  • We will organize and disinfect janitorial closets, including separating cleaningsupplies/equipment from disinfecting supplies/equipment. This will assist inpreventing cross-contamination amongst service teams and add an extralayer of safety to your site.
  • We will maintain open communication with School Administration and providenecessary suggestions such as replacing current dispensers with touch freedispensers and utilizing self-cleaning adhesives, where applicable.

Reopening Disinfecting Recommendations


In order to ensure full peace of mind, we strongly recommend that a deep disinfecting is completed prior to the official reopening date of the applicable educational facility. This will ensure that all areas are properly disinfected and safe for students and faculty to return to. Planned Companies can achieve this for your school by providing our Full Pandemic Response disinfectingservice as outlined below.


We recommend an initial combination of cleaning, disinfecting, and electrostatic spraying in order to maximize coverage and have the highest effectiveness in killing bacteria and viruses. We will first clean your space with a spray and wipe cleaning methodology, ensuring that all dust, dirt, grime, and debris are removed from surfaces within reach.

Once the space has been pre-cleaned by our team, they will disinfect using a CDC approved disinfectant. Once the disinfectant has had ample time to dwell and kill the contaminants, our cleaners will wipe down the areas, before beginning the process of electrostatic spraying to tackle all of the hard to reach areas such as crevices, corners, or awkwardly shaped objects.

The nature of the mist allows it to coat surfaces evenly, and envelope objects – even if the mist is only sprayed from one side. After servicing, our associates will dispose ofany contaminated materials and PPE before closing off the space to prevent further entry while the chemicals seep into all crevices and surfaces to disinfect. Once the initial reopening has been completed, it is imperative to continue a nightly routine of disinfecting services to ensure any new contaminants brought in by students and/or faculty are destroyed prior to spread.


    • Planned Companies will provide all necessary labor and materials, including electrostaticspraying machines, cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, supplies, and equipment, to performour obligations as set forth in this service agreement.
    • Our team of trained professionals will arrive at your educational facility with all necessarypersonal protective equipment (PPE) to safely and securely perform the cleaning anddisinfecting services requested.
    • All materials used by our teams are disinfected prior to transport to client site, and immediatelyupon service completion before leaving, preventing cross contamination between sites.
    • Our team will begin by using appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment to perform highand low dusting of horizontal and vertical surfaces.
    • We will then wipe down all surfaces using microfiber cloths, focusing on all areas within reachsuch as cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, workstations, etc. in order to prepare site fordisinfecting services.
    • After wiping all surfaces clean, we will vacuum, sweep, and mop all applicable flooring.
    • Once our team has adequately pre-cleaned all areas and ensured no dust, dirt or debrisremains, we will commence disinfecting services.
    • When disinfecting, our teams will use the same methodology used for cleaning, working fromtop to bottom, from the cleanest surfaces to dirtiest, and from the farthest corners to the exitdoor.
    • Our associates will utilize various CDC approved disinfectants including wipes, taking note torespect specific dwell times, ensuring the areas are enveloped in the disinfectant long enoughfor all contaminants to be eradicated before wiping down. Please note that these dwell timesmay vary widely from product to product, so our teams undergo in depth training to familiarizethemselves with all applicable disinfectants.
    • While disinfecting, we will focus on areas including but not limited to:

Classrooms: All surfaces such as student and faculty desks and chairs, computers and othershared equipment, light switches and walls surrounding, doors and door handles,bookshelves and file cabinets, trash receptacles, and any other high-tough surfaces* thatmight have been touched by users.

Cafeterias and Lunch Areas: All surfaces such as tables, countertops, chairs, condimentareas, appliances, walls, trash receptacles, and any other high-touch surfaces* that mighthave been touched by users.

Other Common Areas: All surfaces such as lockers, libraries, study areas, bulletin boards,doors, door handles, waiting rooms, stairwells, walls, and any other high-touch surfaces* thatmight have been touched by users.

Restrooms: All surfaces such as fixtures, toilets, urinals, sinks, showers, countertops, dispenser handles, door handles, faucets, and any other high-touch surfaces* that might have been touched by users.

    • Once our team has adequately disinfected by hand, we will commence electrostaticdisinfecting services. The electrostatic spraying machines use a CDC approved virucide toeffectively eradicate all contaminants in vicinity of the service.
    • Our associates will use electrostatic sprayers to spray all areas of a desired space, workingfrom high to low and left to right, until all areas are covered in disinfectant mist. The nature ofthe mist allows it to coat surfaces evenly, and envelope objects, even if the mist is onlysprayed from one side, tackling all of the hard to reach areas such as crevices, corners, orawkwardly shaped objects.
    • As our associates proceed through the room, we will ensure the mist is within reach of allareas including, but not limited to:

✓Ceiling Vents


✓Horizontal & Vertical surfaces


✓Tables, Desks & Chairs

    • We will provide all management and oversight of site associates, ensuring quality control overall aspects of your disinfection services.
    • Once our teams have adequately provided disinfectant to all desired areas, they will properlydispose of all contaminated supplies and materials, including PPE, before closing off thespace to allow ample time for the disinfectant to seep into surfaces and eradicatecontaminants.
    • Your Operations Manager or Site Supervisor will contact the School Administrator onceservices are completed to discuss preventative measure options to ensure adequatedisinfecting is maintained moving forward, fostering a healthy learning environment.

Day 1 and Beyond

    • We are continuously looking at best practices and coming up with new ways to adapt during these difficult times and beyond. As any updates are made, we will keep you informed every step of the way.
    • Should your educational facility have an emergency arise, we’ve developed a Rapid Response Protocol for urgently handling a suspected case of COVID-19 or other contaminants at client sites.

*This Rapid Response Protocol is outlined in Exhibit B at the end of this document.

    • Our professional teams may also provide additional value-added services to assist your staff while on-site, including but not limited to:
        • Machine scrubbing of restroom floors & walls
        • Carpet shampooing
        • Stripping & refinishing of floors
        • Maintaining and buffing floors as needed
        • Power washing
        • Snow removal
        • Assisting with setup and breakdown of various rooms for events, as applicable

We know many things will be different in this “new normal”, but just as things will be different, we’ll be standing alongside of you to help you adapt as a steady and reliable partner. We are all in this together and we look forward to continuing communications and working together to customize innovative solutions to best serve your school and foster a productive yet safe educational experience.

*Exhibit A*

School high-touch areas for cleaning safety

*Exhibit B*

Planned Companies

Rapid Response Protocol

Upon receiving notification from a client of an emergency development, such as learning a student or faculty member has received a positive diagnosis forCOVID-19, Planned Companies will immediately commence the following Rapid Response Protocol.

  • Immediately upon receipt of your notification, your Operations Manageror Planned Representative will set up a meeting with you to discuss theemergency and next steps. This meeting may take place virtually viaZoom or Teams, or if preferable, in person. We will provide you a formalproposal with a quoted rate within 4 hours.
  • Once receiving client approval, your Operations Manager will assessand assemble the needed supplies, equipment, PPE and emergencyresponse team members.
  • Upon arriving at the site, we will perform disinfection of the entireschool or educational facility, utilizing our Full Pandemic Responseservice which includes electrostatic spraying of a CDC approveddisinfectant, as outlined in the “Scope of Work” above.
  • Your Operations Manager or Planned Representative will oversee thecrew that will perform our Rapid Response Protocol Services.Upon completion of service, they will notify you that the job hasbeen completed, including sending pictures of the newly disinfectedspace, if applicable. They will also communicate with you any additionalfindings and recommended next steps to maintain a clean and healthyspace.

School Disinfection Services


Planned Companies offers deep cleaning solutions to ensure that your school’s property is properly and thoroughly sanitized. Through our cutting-edge electrostatic disinfection technology for schools, we can provide full peace of mind to all faculty and students. Electrostatic spraying disinfection can be used in any high traffic area and frequently touched places such as, lockers, desks, hallways, bathrooms, etc. We wipe, mop, vacuum, and sanitize common areas such as lobbies and hallways. We can dust and wipe surfaces that are within arm’s reach. Planned Companies is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all schools. Additionally, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and are LEED AP certified, providing our clients with a wide range of specialized janitorial solutions.

The benefits of a large janitorial team such as Planned, allows our multiple layers of supervision to look after your property extensively. Management is trained to deliver professional oversight and supervision to all field associates, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality service. Planned Companies currently provides cleaning services to well established schools such as Howard University in Washington D.C. and trusts us with keeping their prestigious campus intact and clean. We understand that your school must be always presentable and professional for students, faculty, and visitors, and Planned will work tirelessly to ensure that image is maintained.

school disinfecting

Commercial Cleaning Services for Schools


As a leading janitorial provider with extensive experience and a knowledgeable team, we provide schools with a wide range of specialized janitorial solutions. Planned Companies is offering professional disinfection services designed to safeguard your building and protect your students and faculty. From one-time clean-ups to general maintenance solutions, Planned has all your cleaning needs covered. Planned Companies has a dedicated team of professionals that will ensure your property is being taken care of. Through our oversight, supervision, training, and hiring process, we can set the highest standards in the industry to provide additional value to the properties we service.

Our associates are “Planned” and embody our corporate culture. Each employee at Planned possesses the requisite attitude, integrity, passion, and desire for a career to work within your property. We conduct extensive background checks and screening to ensure the right associate is hired for your property. Our I-PLAN hiring methodology is ingrained into the brand and has allowed us to screen for passionate associates who are never complacent and go above and beyond to service your school. Ensuring not only top tier cleaning, but also top tier people to provide these services.

Student Housing Cleaning Services


Planned can now bring our industry leading cleaning services to student housing locations. Student housing cleaning services include common area cleaning and disinfecting and area maintenance (i.e. mirror cleaning, polishing, floor vacuuming and mopping, emptying waste baskets, and more). With experience in multi-family community cleaning services, Planned Companies is bringing this expertise to college campus living. All our services are performed by experienced and professional cleaners, ensuring the needs of clients are always met.

Providing these necessary services to keep the residents of these buildings’ safe is especially important during these times, so it is critical to have a professional service like Planned on campus. Planned has extensive experience servicing residential properties and communities, so we understand the importance of having a safe environment for all tenants. Planned has worked diligently for over a century to establish itself as the leader in the cleaning service provider industry, and we want to use this experience for student housing cleaning services. With our services also comes the peace of mind you deserve when preparing for the new academic year and all the new students and tenants to come.

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