Providing the best security for your commercial or residential property is important not only to keep your property safeguarded, but also to protect those who regularly access it. Your tenants are what keep you in business, so making sure they feel safe and secure while living and working in your building is a major part of your role as property owner/manager. In order to maintain the best security standards, it’s important to perform a security audit on your property to see where you’re lacking protection or where it could be supplemented even further.

Closed-Circuit Television Monitoring

You may already keep a constant watch on your property with a closed-circuit surveillance camera system, but it’s important to have a competent and attentive security guard watching the monitors as well. Depending on the size of your security team, these individuals may either respond to any security threats or situations themselves, or delegate to foot and vehicle patrol personnel to investigate. CCTVs are typically located in a control room, so having employees that are trained on all control operations as well as effective CCTV monitoring is a big plus.

Walking/ Foot Patrol

If your property is large, if you’re in a high-traffic area, if you have many daily visitors, or all of the above, you should consider hiring a foot patrol team. While many commercial and residential properties maintain a security guard near the front entrance or inside the main lobby, foot patrols move constantly throughout the property to maintain a physical presence and provide assistance to anyone with an immediate need for help. When you have a guard (or several guards) constantly patrolling the property, you will not only deter potential crimes, but also be able to respond faster when security issues do occur.

Vehicle/ Mobile Patrols

For properties containing large and/or multiple buildings, security efforts may need to extend to mobile patrol units. While foot patrols can patrol internal and external perimeters, they may not be able to patrol parking lots and other outside areas. This is where mobile patrols become increasingly effective at maintaining a safe environment outside of the buildings themselves. They can monitor any outside threats trying to get inside of a property, and deter any criminals from even trying to access the property. Mobile patrols also help provide peace of mind to those who live and work in your property.

Gated Community Security

If your property is gated – even if it’s a single building – it would be wise to incorporate trained gate guards into your security measures. Security guards at the gate keep an eye on everyone who is accessing, or at least trying to access, the property. These individuals not only learn familiar, trusted faces, but can also pinpoint strange occurrences and possible threats. Guards trained for gated security have more understanding of what possible threats may look like and how they can stop them before they ever enter the gates to your property. If a threat does manage to get past the gate guards, they can notify internal security as well as local authorities.

From foot patrols to gated security, Planned Companies’ fully customizable security solutions are tailored to fit any commercial or residential property’s unique requirements. Our goal is to keep our clients’ properties and the communities they serve safe, and we do so by hiring and training strong, effective security personnel. If you’re reviewing your security measures and wondering how you can make them more effective, more streamlined, and more robust, give us a call!