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Latest Trends in Home Security

New technology lets you use your cellphone to buzz people into your building or turn off the stove. You can even get a robot to patrol your…

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Planned Companies; the Secret Sauce is in the Heart

“We just had a bucket of water, a mop, a rag and a squeegee, and we didn’t speak strong English…

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Riding the wave: Booming multifamily sector has fueled the latest growth spurt for Planned Cos.

Opportunities abound for a business whose clients include multifamily builders and owners.  As Rob Francis knows, seizing those opportunities comes down to one rather simple goal.

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Planned Companies Extends Service to Atlanta

Planned said it currently provides its janitorial, maintenance, concierge/front desk and security services the entire eastern seaboard and has moved south with a presence in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia…

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The Importance of Staffing a Property

The people a property is staffed with directly impacts the life, values, and experience of the residents. From the security guard to the janitor to the…

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Podcast: Planned Companies Shares Secret to Four Generations of Excellence

Robert Francis, the Chief Executive Officer at Planned Companies which provides industry leading Janitorial, Maintenance, Concierge and Security services joins Enterprise Radio.

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Use LinkedIn To Dramatically Improve Your Business

it is important to be consistent. We have received feedback from those within our network that they look out for our posts regularly — whether it be educational, entertaining, etc.

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Planned Companies Offers Active Shooter Preparedness Education

with active shooter incidents becoming more and more common the US it is crucial to prepare…

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Managing Minimum Wage across State Lines

New hourly pay requirements across the United States have created daunting scenarios for cleaning providers with operations in more than one area…

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Protect Your Property and Tenants for an Active Shooter

Dino Iuliano of Planned Companies presents a preparation plan for the worst…

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Armed & Dangerous

The increasing number of active-shooter incidents across the US and abroad is creating troubling questions for…

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Technology Drives Real-Time Property Management

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Customer & Employee Retention and Culture

Have you considered how your strategy and culture impacts the retention of your staff?

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The Evolution of Building Security

Dino Iuliano, the Chief Revenue Officer at Planned Companies which provides industry leading Janitorial, Maintenance, Concierge and Security services joins Enterprise Radio.

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Planned Companies Brings Over a Century of Experience to Atlanta

Planned Companies, the fastest growing real estate service provider, continues its growth and now provides their range of offerings to the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

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