Maintenance Referral Program

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The Maintenance Referral Program is designed to help generate new business from leads generated by the Operations team and to allow you to make some extra cash!

How this program works:

A Planned associate can refer a potential customer (a “lead”) to the Marketing department.  If the lead is qualified, the associate will receive 5% of the contract win.

All leads submitted will be confirmed by the Marketing department. Marketing will notify you as to the status of your lead within 30 days of submission. If it becomes a Qualified Lead, it will be tracked and monitored until it results in a Win or Loss.

How to Submit a Lead:

Please fill out the form below completely.  Marketing will acknowledge receipt of your lead and will keep you informed on the status of that lead.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A qualified lead is a lead that was submitted to the Marketing department which has the potential for us to provide one of our services and has a specific need for one or more of our services.  The lead must also generate a proposal for the desired services.

Once Planned has generated a proposal and it has been received by the prospect, it will then be deemed a qualified lead.

Who is Eligible?

All Planned Operations managers located in New York or New Jersey.



Web: visit this page,

Or email the Marketing Department or Doni Salovic if you have any questions.

Complete the Form Below to Submit your Lead

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Next Steps:

You will be notified whether or not this has become a qualified lead within 30 days of submission. You will then be notified again once the lead has been closed as either a Win or Loss. If it’s a Win, you will receive a payout 60 days from the Start Date of the account. 

Payout structure:

5% of all contract win 

$300.00 gift card to the manager who submits most leads per quarter. 

$500.00 Apple product to the manager who submits the most leads by the end of the year (12/31/2023)


Let’s crush this year together!

Contact the Marketing Department or Doni Salovic if you have any questions.