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The Best NYC Building Cleaning Companies

Are you looking for a building cleaning company you can trust? We understand that when it comes to choosing building cleaning companies in NYC, you have options. Planned Companies has over one-hundred years of experience in janitorial services, and we are ready to serve you.

We are trusted by property managers across the US to keep their buildings clean and safe. Our commitment to high-quality service has made us one of the top building cleaning companies in the nation. From permanent janitorial solutions to temporary help, we meet all of your needs.

Planned Companies is a LEED-certified cleaning company. This means that we are committed to using environmentally sustainable cleaning agents and processes. Our goal is to help raise awareness of the option of green cleaning methods and their benefits.

No matter what your janitorial needs are, Planned Companies is the service provider to get it done.

Contact us today for a free quote or to ask questions about our services.

Professional Janitorial Services

Keeping your building clean is vital to the health and functionality of your property. Often, businesses get bad reviews due to the lack of cleanliness. From the common areas to the public restrooms, the first impression is always the most impactful. To convey an atmosphere that is welcoming, having a clean appearance is critically important. To properly clean a lobby, entryway, stairwell, public restroom, and other common areas, you need the right people. 

At Planned Companies, our janitorial staff comes with high standards and a great work ethic. Our team follows repeatable systems and methods for cleaning a building. Following an SOP (standard operating procedure) ensures that our janitorial associates are highly effective.

We offer a full range of commercial and residential building janitorial services. All of our services are guaranteed to make your job as a property manager a great deal easier.

Our cleaning services include:

Janitorial Services 

Our janitorial services include cleaning and dusting of all areas within reach. Our specialists clean mirrors, fixtures, exposed piping, as well as walls near elevators. This service also includes the complete cleaning and disinfecting of public restrooms and other areas. If you have specialized cleaning needs, speak to a member of our staff about what we can offer for your situation. Note that we do not clean individual living units.

Floor and Carpet Care Programs 

We offer floor and carpet care programs to increase the longevity of your investment. We use only the industry’s best equipment and methods on hardwood, tile, and carpets. Our goal is to keep the flooring clean and vibrant for guests to enjoy. Our LEED-accredited experts will work hard to keep your carpets in the best condition possible. 

Post-Construction Clean-Up 

If you are changing a floor plan or repairing drywall, you will eventually end up with a mess. We offer a post-construction cleanup service to deal with the aftermath of a construction or repair project. Our team will remove light debris and completely clean the construction area. We are firm believers in protecting the environment and will recycle construction debris whenever possible.

One Time/Short-term Cleaning 

Planned Companies also offers one time and short-term cleaning services. This service is ideal for a quarterly or annual deep cleaning or if you need to boost your staff’s cleaning power before an inspection. This service is also available for parking garages and other exterior areas in need of professional janitorial service. Our clients also like to use this service to supplement their crew in times where staff may be absent.

Stripping and Refinishing 

Taking care of your floors, especially in high traffic areas, is crucial to keep things looking their best. To accomplish this, you need to have your floors stripped and refinished. We offer floor stripping and refinishing service scheduling that has the least impact on your residents. As with all of our services, we strive to use green chemicals and products to achieve the best results.

24/7 Emergency Response Teams 

The unexpected sometimes happens. When the unforeseen happens, you can count on our emergency response janitorial team to be there. Our emergency response cleaning is on call 24/7 to help clean up unexpected messes. Our team does not handle hazardous situations. For dangerous cleaning situations, please call the appropriate service.

Temporary Assignments 

Along the same lines as our one-time cleaning service, we offer temporary assignments. These temporary assignments help to fill a gap for missing house cleaning staff. This service is also ideal for supplementing existing staff during special events or for helping with post-holiday cleaning. Our janitorial professionals hold the same high standards as permanent employees, without service level differences.


The bottom line is that our building cleaning services help your properties stay inviting and impressive.

While we do not clean the interior of individual residential units, we can refer you to a residential cleaning company. All of our cleaning partners use green-conscious cleaning methods and are the best in the area.

For more information about our building cleaning services, please contact a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

A LEED-Compliant Green Cleaning Service Company

We are a LEED-certified company that values the importance of staying green for the planet and its occupants. Upholding the standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental (LEED), we offer environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to our clients. 

What does it mean to be LEED? Being environmentally conscious is more than a buzz-word to us. At Planned Companies, we understand that decisions made today affect the livelihood of future generations. That is why we are committed to building a better future today.

Our janitorial team uses green cleaning agents to have as little of an impact as possible during their work. The cleaning agents we use are proven to improve indoor air quality while reducing the existence of pollutants.

We are proud to have been one of the pioneers of the green cleaning movement in our service areas. By advocating the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and low impact processes, we hope to raise awareness so that other companies will follow our example. 

For more information on our LEED-certified services, contact us today.

Our Mission

Planned Companies is passionately driven to be the most accountable and responsive customer service organization providing janitorial, maintenance, concierge/front desk and security services.

Our Vision

Our passion for delivering professional and accountable real estate service will enable Planned Companies to become the industry leader and enhance the quality of life for our valued clientele and guests that we proudly service.