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Top Residential Concierge in NYC

For property managers searching for the best residential concierge in NYC, look no further.

Planned Companies offers an array of concierge services to help staff your property with highly skilled and friendly team members. With today’s customer review driven market, making a positive impression is more important than ever.

Imagine having all of your staffing needs met by highly trained professionals, and simplifying your customer and visitor services, while increasing your quality reviews. We help you by keeping things easy and with one source for everything you need.

Call the best concierge in NYC today to make these benefits your reality.

Our Services Include:

Concierge Personnel

If you want your residents to feel important, you need a concierge. Our concierge staff associates are highly trained, energetic professionals who are often from a hospitality background. The customer service standards we hold these experts are very high, resulting in a win for everyone involved.

Front Desk Associates

First impressions are important. At Planned Companies, we offer professional front desk staff associates. Our friendly front desk associates greet residents and visitors and also receive and track packages for your tenants. All of our front desk associates are well trained, have computer skills, and have a wide range of other useful skills.

Doorman Services

Nothing beats being greeted by a friendly face when returning home. We offer Doorman services that are staffed by friendly and well-trained individuals. As with our front desk personnel, the majority of our Doormen have a hospitality background. You can expect warmth and attentiveness from our Doormen.

Lobby Attendants

Does your residential building need lobby attendants? Planned Companies offers lobby attendant personnel to make your life easier. Our lobby attendants will keep your lobby and front desk areas nice and tidy. These professionals will also keep your entryways, hallways, and guest bathrooms clean.

Package Tracking And Assistance

Quickly getting a delivered package to the correct person is vital to having happy residents. Our package tracking system scans in a received parcel and immediately emails the recipient to alert them. This technology results in zero error when it comes to mixed up or forgotten packages.

Guest Management System

Our guest management system makes life easier and safer for all of your residents. This system records images of visitors to the building and logs their arrival and departure. When a guest arrives, our system emails the resident to notify them of the visitor. This email includes the photo of the visitor in question to ensure safety.

Online Management Tools

We offer a variety of online management tools to help organize your systems. The tools we offer include resource tracking and management, as well as personnel management software. With our advanced calendar software, custom configurations accomplish a wide range of tasks.


Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our services and procedures. For more information on our concierge services, please contact us today.

Why Choose Planned Companies For Concierge Service?

Why should you choose Planned Companies for your concierge services? To make the best impression possible, you need to have the best people interacting with your tenants and visitors. You also need to have thoroughly tested and effective standard operating procedures. At Planned Companies, we offer both to make your property one that your tenants brag about to friends.


As an added benefit, our systems help reduce your operational costs. For example, using a concierge in NYC instead of a security guard has built-in savings. Hiring a security guard is taxable, whereas, in most states, a concierge is non-taxable. This alone can save you thousands in an annual period.


Here are some things to consider:

Annual Tax Savings

Contracting your concierge personnel through Planned Companies can save you money. In most states, contracted services are not taxable, as opposed to bringing on staff members. Thus, mitigating employee tax and benefit liabilities.

Personable Experts

The majority of our front desk and Doormen personnel come from the hospitality industry. Our trained professionals will be greeting visitors and interacting with your residents. Each one of our associates works diligently to ensure that everyone they interact with has the best experience possible.

Well Dressed Professionals

All of our associates wear well-fitting business attire and hold high standards of professional appearance. Our associates also wear nametags for easy identification and follow appearance guidelines to ensure a neatly groomed look at all times.

Administrative Skills

Our front desk associates are experts in a wide range of clerical skills. These skills include answering phones in a friendly manner, reporting, managing visitor and contact records, and more. All of these associates have proficiency in the most popular office software tools,

In House Training

Planned Companies uses a five-point process to hire associates that we call I-PLAN. This acronym stands for integrity, passion, longevity, attitude, and complacency. The first four are traits we look for in a potential candidate, with the last being a quality we seek to avoid.

Expert Management Team

When you contract a team of associates from Planned Companies, you can count on managers to keep things rolling. Our associate managers supervise associates, deal with concerns involving our associates, and much more. A manager from Planned Companies is someone you can count on and trust.


There are many benefits to choosing us as your preferred concierge in NYC. Contact a member of our staff to schedule a consultation appointment today.

Our Mission

Planned Companies is passionately driven to be the most accountable and responsive customer service organization providing janitorial, maintenance, concierge/front desk and security services.

Our Vision

Our passion for delivering professional and accountable real estate service will enable Planned Companies to become the industry leader and enhance the quality of life for our valued clientele and guests that we proudly service.