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NYC building security

A Trusted Source for NYC Building Security Services

Keeping tenants and properties safe is why we strive to provide excellent building security services.

Safety should never be an afterthought and requires a proactive approach that addresses planning and coverage. At Planned Companies, we have over a century of experience in security and we have the technology that makes us ready for any job.

With a commitment to top-notch training and screening processes, we handpick each security team member for your peace of mind. Our hiring process begins with our I-PLAN system. I-PLAN stands for integrity, passion, attitude, and never complacent. Once brought on board, our security agents undergo an extensive battery of training programs. This training prepares them to act fast no matter what situation arises.

We offer a full range of building security services, contact us today to speak to a staff member about your security needs.

Our Building Security Services

Planned Companies is the leader in building security services throughout our service areas.

Each security guard undergoes training to provide excellent customer service. Friendly security guards make for a much more inviting environment. Another quality that helps to create a safe environment for your residents is that our security agents do not carry firearms. In situations that have the chance to turn deadly, our agents are only seconds away from contacting armed law enforcement.

Our commitment to excellence in training and the time and money we invest in our security agents pays off. We are a highly sought after source for residential security guards throughout all of our service areas. In the end, our clients and their residents reap the rewards of our commitment to fielding the best security guards available. You can’t put a price on lives saved through providing superior security for your residents and guests.

When working with us, you have the benefit of having all of your security needs met by a single, trusted provider. This means more efficiency and a safer situation for your residents and your property. We are committed to providing the highest quality security services.


Our building security services include:

Commercial Security Services 

Our security guards are professionals. Each member of our security team is highly trained and ready to respond to a wide variety of tense situations. Our security agents prepare to make full use of our advanced security technology options. We only field highly qualified security agents.

Lobby Security

All of our security agents are excellent candidates for providing lobby security. Every agent is well trained in conflict resolution techniques and is friendly and courteous to all residents and visitors. The majority of our lobby guards know most of their building’s residents by name and face.

Event Security

Planned Companies offers event security guards for special occasions that require additional security staff. Our security guards have a trained eye to spot potential trouble before an issue arises. We are a highly sought after source for event security in NYC.

Fire Guard 

Our fire guards identify potential fire hazards, keep fire exit paths free of obstructions, and perform other services. These agents help organize resident evacuations in the event of a fire and work with firefighters to advise them in their respective duties. We practice better safety through better communication.

Gate Security 

Planned Companies offers gate security guards for buildings with security gates and parking garage gates. These security agents are friendly points of contact for your residents to keep them safe. Our gate security agents also help monitor ingoing and outgoing visitor traffic and are ready to notify law enforcement when necessary.

Control Room Management 

We field highly experienced security agents to provide control room management services. These agents help to coordinate security team efforts to ensure maximum safety for residents, property, and guests. Our control room management officers are indispensable members of our security teams.

CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance 

We also provide CCTV monitoring and surveillance services to provide an added level of security. Having this peace of mind makes a difference when it comes to security for your tenants and property.

Vehicle Patrols 

For parking garages and the exterior of your property, we offer staffed vehicle patrols. Our vehicle patrol security agents help to keep visitors and guests safe during and after daylight hours. If your service package includes a Planned Companies security vehicle, you can track the location of this vehicle at any time via GPS.

Temporary Security 

We offer temporary security guards for any situation you have that might require them. This service is particularly beneficial to calm resident nerves after a security incident on your property. If you have absent staff security, this service can cover until permanent personnel return.

Safety Awareness Seminars 

We conduct safety awareness seminars for your staff and residents to attend. These seminars seek to educate those attending how to spot potential trouble and how to avoid dangerous situations. We are passionate about helping to educate our clients and their residents to be safer.

We are passionate about protecting your residents, visitors, and property. A visible security presence is an excellent deterrent to theft, vandalism, and other crimes. 

Contact us today to speak with a staff member to schedule your security consultation appointment.

Better Security Through Advanced Technology

Planned Companies offers advanced visitor identification software for optimal safety and security.

We created a software solution that helps to identify and track visitors to your building. This program records a photo of the visitor and alerts your resident of their arrival in our guest access system. Such technology will log the time and departure of visitors. Such visibility can serve as an invaluable tool for the safety and well-being of residents.

You can never be too safe in today’s environment. For that reason, it is essential to harness technology advances when it comes to security. At Planned Companies, we stay tuned in with the latest devices and gadgets that bring the best security experience to our clients.

For a complete list of our security technology offerings, please contact us today.


Our Mission

Planned Companies is passionately driven to be the most accountable and responsive customer service organization providing janitorial, maintenance, concierge/front desk and security services.

Our Vision

Our passion for delivering professional and accountable real estate service will enable Planned Companies to become the industry leader and enhance the quality of life for our valued clientele and guests that we proudly service.