It’s not pleasant to imagine somebody breaking into your property or hacking your files, but it’s a real worry that any property owner or manager should have. Enhancing your property’s security, both physically and digitally, will provide assurance to you and your tenants that it’s far easier to imagine this event than for it to actually happen. The more secure your space makes them feel, the more likely tenants will be to rent and stay long-term. How do you create security in this age of information?

Modernize Your Security System

Technology in the security industry has made the same leaps and bounds as many others. Yesterday’s security system meant entrance and window alarms that went off when the entryway was broken into, and a CCTV control room where fixed video cameras recorded long hours of tape.

Today’s security system is far more sophisticated, integrating systems with local authorities to alert them directly when your property is compromised. Cameras can move and are far more sensitive than those of years past. You can install apps on your mobile devices that give you constant access to the live video feed on your property. All this new tech doesn’t mean old strategies are dead, though: even something as simple as a motion-activated light on the outside of your building can make a big difference.

Safeguard Your Data

Never before has safeguarding data been so necessary. Filing cabinets used to do the trick, but in today’s hyper-digital world, it’s relatively easy for even a low-level hacker to access unprotected files stored online. Luckily, there are many cloud-based storage systems that safeguard your digital information behind layers of protection. However, despite public perception, most data theft today still occurs when hardcopy files are stolen. If you keep tenant payment information or other personal data in your office, secure it with a lock only you can open. Don’t risk any personal information about you, your property, or your tenants going viral in the worst way.

Hire Reliable Security Guards

Security might be the number one reason tenants choose one space over another. Whether you’re leasing workspace, shops, or homes, the need for security is a top priority. No one wants to feel unsafe at any point in their day. If you decide to hire a security guard, the key is screening. You need someone that you know has both good character and proper training to neutralize threats. Depending on the kind of property you manage or own, you may even have a team of guards, meaning a new hire needs to fit in. Regardless of if you have one or a dozen, you should take your time when deciding which guard to hire.

Require Renter’s Insurance

After all is said and done, there are still ways that a tenant’s space can be invaded. To protect yourself and to ensure that your tenants are as secure as possible, require that they purchase renter’s insurance before you allow them to lease from you. This is quite common in residential leases, but isn’t always the practice in other real estate markets.

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