Culture is what separates one community from another, one space from another. Being in the business of maintaining a property and keeping tenants happy means doing what you can to establish the best place for them to live and/or work in. Simply put, any commercial property can benefit from creating and developing an intentional culture.

Building Community

Personality goes a long way for tenants, and when your property maintains an attractive personality, it will also retain tenants. Defining that personality and culture starts with fostering a welcoming community. To bring tenants together, consider hosting in-house events and functions. Every holiday is an opportunity to encourage community, so celebrate with a gathering in a courtyard or lobby, or arrange a property-wide, open-door party, for those who would like to participate. This is especially useful when tenants are residents so that they may get to know one another, but it’s also useful in office buildings for networking and co-mingling. If you decide to host an event on your property, you may want to hire extra security to make sure it goes without a hitch.

Interior Design

Culture always maintains a physical element, and inside your building, design and layout is key to the groundwork for the culture you want to develop. The designs you choose to use in your space will dictate how people respond to it and establish a specific emotional response as well, but you’ve got to be intentional about what those designs are and what they’re supposed to do. If you own an office building with primarily straight-laced businesses, you might consider adopting a very professional design to help establish that professional setting for visitors before they even get to your tenants. If it’s a residential building, perhaps decorations that are warmer and more inviting—community areas with chairs, TVs, and even fireplaces—can really spruce up your space and draw people to communal areas where they’ll become more familiar with one another.

Leasing the Right Tenants

You can only control so much when it comes to maintaining an intentional culture; the rest is up to those who live and/or work in the building. By running proper background checks that go beyond just credit checks, you’ll be able to get a glimpse into the kinds of people that are applying for your spaces and can also make intentional decisions on who you’d like to bring in. If you own/manage a retail or office building, you might think strategically about the types of businesses you lease in your spaces.

Think about what kind of building you wish to have, and consider even choosing businesses solely in complimentary industries. When you have very specific types of businesses in your space, you’ll begin to develop a distinct culture, as well as become a hotspot for those types of businesses. For instance, maybe you’re looking for a more modern, tech-savvy group of tenants to fill your spaces, or perhaps you want to rent out your retail space to more artistic vendors and galleries. When your building maintains a distinctive theme, you’ll attract businesses and consumers. This helps retain tenants by offering them free marketing, simply by being in your building.

Selecting Quality Employees

The people you employ to work at your building can have a very serious impact on the overall culture. While you might not think of a cleaning or maintenance staff as very impactful on the residents day-to-day, they’re actually the ones occupying the same hallways, crossing paths with your tenants on a daily basis. Since face-to-face interactions are the most important when setting and keeping a good impression, screening all of your potential hires for customer service qualities is key. This will ensure there will be an element of customer care trickled through every facet of your building, including the seemingly behind-the-scenes workforce.

Planned Companies is dedicated to staffing properties with customer service oriented employees, which can make all the difference when establishing a building culture and brand. If you’re ready to take the next steps in making your building all that it can be, give us a call to see how our janitorial, maintenance, and security staffing services can help!