Even the best tenant screening process can’t completely prevent the need for an eviction. An eviction is a serious legal process that can cause anxiety to many property managers. You can provide your tenant with notice of eviction for a number of reasons, like failure to pay rent, a lease violation, or engagement in illegal activity on your premises. Many times, an eviction notice will provide a tenant with an opportunity to correct the problem and continue their residence. But in some situations where evictions are necessary, there are steps you can take to streamline the process and make it easier for everyone involved.

Evaluate the Mood

The first step is to assess the tenant’s attitude regarding the eviction. If they’re extremely angry or upset, you’ll need to approach the situation with more care and caution than normally required. Depending on each circumstance and individual, each situation will need to be assessed and handled differently. However, the safest and most professional way to handle any eviction is to involve your local authorities with the process.

Security and Locks

If a tenant seems like they will cause issues or refuse to leave the premises, it is prudent to plan to have law enforcement on hand the day of the legally mandated eviction to ensure the situation stays peaceful. A law enforcement officer will know the legal ins and outs of the eviction process and be able to ensure both compliance and discretion on the tenant’s behalf.

It’s also important to plan to change the locks on the property. A security guard can supervise this process to make sure nothing is removed from the premises, or that past tenants don’t enter after the locks have been changed. Ultimately, if a situation becomes hostile, having a professional trained to de-escalate these situations on your side will be a reassurance.

Post-Eviction Cleanup

When a tenant is being evicted, it’s safe to say they will have little to no concern regarding leaving your property in good condition. A resentful tenant might even cause additional damage out of spite. Don’t take on the burden of the cleanup and repairs yourself; contract with a team of maintenance providers and contractors who can repair damage and clean the space to get it ready for new occupants. Having this troublesome task off your plate will resolve the situation on a positive note once the eviction is complete.

Planned Companies can provide the security professionals needed to protect your property, as well as the janitorial and maintenance personnel to provide the resources needed in instances like these. Contact us today to find the support you’re looking for.