With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about not only the shift in traffic, but also the shift in weather. Preparing for the holidays is already hectic on a personal level for owners, managers, and employees. Ensuring you’ve got the appropriate number of staff working while still respecting their need for time with family can be tricky. It’s also essential to complete building winterization early to smoothly transition into the cold, icy months that are assuredly ahead.

The PTO Balancing Act

Everyone wants time off to spend with family, but it’s not always feasible to close the doors to your entire property for the full holiday season. This is especially true for residential and retail properties. Of course you want to provide your staff ample time off to spend with family, but judging who gets which days off can become problematic. Here’s a tip: bring everyone together and discuss it as a group. If you can work together as a team to make sure that everyone has their fair share, it’ll be a much smoother process. Staff will feel included in the decision-making and will understand why certain people need certain days off. You could also consider rotating holidays—one team of workers will cover Thanksgiving Day, but be off on Christmas Day, and vice versa. This idea can even extend to out-of-season holidays like New Year’s Day and Fourth of July.

Stock Up On Winter Supplies          

Part of your responsibility to your tenants is to provide a safe place for them to work and/or live. When the winter weather starts to take over and the ground becomes treacherous with snow and ice, you’ll want to have plenty of salt to clear it all away. While a few shovels and a local snowplow can get rid of most hard snow, ice strips may still linger unnoticed. If a tenant were to fall and be injured, any number of issues could arise, so it’s imperative that you clear up any and all ice as soon as possible.

The same applies to keeping a small supply of candles, food, and other rations on hand. Should a massive blizzard prevent residents from leaving your building for a few days, you’ll definitely make them feel valued by having a stockpile to keep them safe and well.

Preventive Maintenance

Preparing for the winter means turning the AC off and getting ready to crank up the heat. But if your building has some kind of crack in the roof or a leaky window, you’ll find that warming the inside takes a lot more energy and money. Any issues of this nature are likely to get worse during the winter, meaning that in the spring the cost of a repair will potentially have increased. Don’t set yourself up for this kind of challenge; take care of issues in advance. If you don’t know of any problems, it’s a great idea to ask a professional to give the building a thorough inspection to be on the safe side.

The transition from fall to winter is a big one, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Planned Companies provides highly trained security, maintenance, and janitorial workers that can help you make the transition an easy one. Give us a call to see how Planned Companies’ services can help keep you and your building operational throughout the holiday season.