Owning and/or managing an apartment complex or building can be a challenge, especially when it comes to unexpected lease terminations or non-renewals. While some reasons for tenants leaving may be understandable, such as moving locations for work or purchasing a home, others seem more obscure and it may be hard to change a tenant’s mind if they’ve made the decision to move out. Instead of hoping for the best when a lease expires, it’s important that you do all that you can for your tenants while they’re still there to ensure both longer retention rates and fuller capacity for your building.

Remember Customer Service is Key

The kind of service you’re offering is different from most businesses, but it’s one that should revolve around customer service nonetheless. Always greet your tenants by name and with a smile, and regularly check-in to ensure that everything at your property is as it should be. This not only shows that you care, but can also lend a proactive hand to taking care of anything that might become a bigger problem later. In the end, maintaining quality customer service can encourage lease renewals and keep both parties happy.

Facilitate Community Building

Your tenants will feel more comfortable living at your property if they’re familiar with their neighbors. Today, it’s rare to find a building or complex that encourages and provides social gatherings for their tenants. Spark community building by hosting events and get-togethers in common areas of your building, like the lobby or courtyard. Perhaps invest in a projector and screen to play movies on the weekends or evenings, or arrange a monthly happy hour. If you welcome your tenants to these kinds of community events, you will find that over time, they will not only be neighbors, but friends as well. This will significantly boost your odds of not just keeping them happy, but keeping them at your building as well!

Provide Reliable Security

Comfort is the number one thing everyone should feel when they’re at home. In order to fully be comfortable, tenants will also need to feel a sense of safety and security. Depending on the size or location of your property, a simple front-desk attendant won’t always provide the level of protection necessary. If your property is large, or in an area prone to crime, you may want to consider posting several security guards around the premises to monitor entrances and exits. Patrol guards are ideal for keeping an eye on everything going on at or around your building, and can also be proactive in the event of a security threat. When you provide professional, well-trained security guards and up-to-date security systems at your residential property, you’re also providing more reasons to keep the tenants you have, while attracting potential ones as well.

Don’t Hesitate to Fix a Maintenance Issue

Maintenance issues are never ideal, but are all part of maintaining a residential property. When your tenants alert you of a problem, it means they’d like it to be fixed as soon as possible. The longer a maintenance issue is present at your property, the more displeased and disgruntled your tenants may become. Be sure to have staff on hand who can address these issues promptly and efficiently to limit the length of inconvenience caused.

It’s not easy to find quality personnel for your property to instill the level of customer service and professionalism needed to retain your tenants as best you can. Planned Companies works hard to provide our clients with solely qualified, skilled, and personable employees. If you’re looking to raise your retention numbers and make your residential property rise above the rest, reach out to us today!