Emergencies – even mild ones – happen every day in public spaces. From accidental spills to general malfunctions, these unwelcome events can put a damper on anyone’s day – and can sometimes even pose safety threats to your tenants. Because of this, it’s very important to have a staff that is efficient and effective at handling these situations as quickly as possible. These steps can help make your team more responsive so your customers remain happy, healthy, and undisturbed.

Responding Immediately

Whether you discovered the issue or someone in the building pointed it out, the important first step is responding to it immediately. Get to where the problem is in the building, and determine how serious it is. You may want to stay nearby to alert any tenants who might be passing through, and assure them that the situation is being handled. As the owner or property manager, to your tenants, you are the face of the building. Your simple presence and clear communication can do a lot to put minds at ease while your staff is on their way.

Alert and Assign Your Team

As soon as you hear about or see the situation, alert your team. You have the opportunity here to assign the correct number of people to the job. Do you need multiple people to resolve the issue quickly? Or will one be able to handle it?

As you assign staff, consider that too many staff members could cause additional delays in high traffic areas like hallways, while too few could mean taking longer to get the issue fixed. It might seem as though putting as many people on an issue as possible will lead to the quickest resolution, but it’s important to strike the right balance to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible without interrupting any tenants during their normal daily activities.

Call in the Pros If You Need To

Many maintenance and janitorial employees are trained to handle a wide variety of situations, including plumbing and electrical. In some instances, however, you may need a trained professional to help resolve an issue. If that’s the case, call them as quickly as possible to set up an appointment. Your maintenance crew may be able to handle smaller projects, but a professional can ensure the problem doesn’t happen again in the foreseeable future.

That being said, your janitorial or maintenance team is still valuable in situations like these. While they may not have the skill set or knowledge to fix the entire problem, they may be able to provide a quick fix that can keep traffic flowing through hallways. For example, if a leaky or burst pipe causes slippery floors in one of your hallways, your staff can set out containers to catch water, mop up the water on the floor, and post “Wet Floor” signs to alert tenants of the hazard. These gestures may seem small, but they can keep your tenants safe and happy. Remember – your job is to keep things as normal and nonintrusive as possible for people using your public spaces.

Thinking and Acting Fast

The key to resolving an issue without disrupting the tenants who use common spaces every day is thinking on your feet. All of that responsibility shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of the building owner or property manager, though. An expertly trained staff can make decisions on the fly that are in the best interest of both your building and the people who frequent it. Trusting that you have a staff that can help by both thinking critically and getting to work quickly is something that will give you peace of mind – and keep your tenants happy too.