Whether you’re in the retail sector, running an office building, or providing residences, there’s no doubt that Halloween will have all of your tenants excited. Here are some tips to keep your building and its occupants safe from monstrous inconveniences due to this holiday.

Choose Decorations Carefully

You may be tempted to cover your lobby windows in floor-to-ceiling cobwebs, or dangle glittery skeletons from your bathroom ceilings. But when it comes to choosing decorations, think twice. What kind of cleanup is associated with these adornments? Will your janitor be working overtime to mop up fake blood? You also have to be mindful of the tenants’ perceptions and preferences. Be sure everything is tasteful and not over the top or potentially offensive to someone who does not celebrate the holiday.

Increase In-Person Security

Halloween is scary in part because of the costumes and the element of the unknown they introduce. Anyone can hide behind a mask—which is why security around Halloween is so important. If you’re managing a retail center, it may be a good idea to forbid costumes that mask people’s features. In an office, if someone is hosting a party where there will be outside guests, check IDs or have a guest list on hand. As for residences, if your building is offering trick-or-treating, have a security guard on patrol throughout those hours. Even if the building is closed to the public, keep tabs on guests coming in and out in costume.

Check Lighting and Locks

Make sure all of your external security lights are fully operational and your security cameras are ready to record. Also, check that all building locks are secure and functional, even on truck bays, windows, garages, and back doors. If your building has a parking garage where tenants park and anyone can just walk in, consider having a guard on duty. Halloween is a fun holiday, but it’s full of tricks as well as treats!

Plan for Extra Cleaning

Even if your tenants are responsible for keeping their own residences or offices clean, it’s reasonable to expect that additional common area cleaning may be needed during this time, especially if you’re hosting a tenant appreciation event to celebrate the holiday. Even the most mellow office or residence might see an increased number of discarded candy wrappers or have a layer of glitter on the floor.

If you’re looking to bring in some added security, and even some extra cleaning help, give Planned Companies a call! We specialize in finding and providing reliable and customer service oriented employees for office, retail, and residential buildings.