Associate COVID-19 Information Portal

Vital Information for Planned Companies Associates During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Message To Planned Companies’ Associates

During this historic worldwide emergency the Planned Companies HR department wants our associates to have access to up to date information designed to help during this crisis.   

This page includes information on payroll, employee assistance and other topics.  We will update the information on this page with new information frequently.

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Employee Assistance Program

The WorkLifeMatters Employee Assistance Program is available to provide services to help promote well-being and enhance the quality of life for our associates and their families.

All associates can access the WorkLifeMatters hotline at no charge.


Connect to a counselor for free support services:


Phone:  1-800-386-7055
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(User name: Matters    Password: wlm70101)

The Employee Assistance Program Can Help With:




  • Healthy Living
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Health
  • Diet & Fitness
  • Overall Wellness

Family Matters

  • Parenting Support
  • Child and Elder Care
  • Learning Programs
  • Special Needs Help

Legal and Financial

  • Legal Issues
  • Will Preparation
  • Taxes
  • Debt
  • Financial Planning

Planned Companies COVID-19 Immediate Response Program

We recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic created additional financial stress for many of our associates. This is why we launched a company-wide COVID-19 Immediate Response Program. This program allowed for current team members to apply for tax-free grants to address immediate financial needs.

The Immediate Response Program assisted 1,500 team members with $300 tax-free grants throughout the pandemic.

We are no longer accepting applications for the Immediate Response Program. Anyone seeking assistance should apply to our Employee Relief Fund (see below).

Planned Companies COVID-19 Immediate Response Program Links