A maintenance staff is only as good as the knowledge they bring to the table. Many crews have a little bit of everything all brought together—one crewmember may excel with plumbing work, such as replacing a toilet or showerhead, while another may be able to perform flawless paint touch-ups on pieces of your property, making them look brand new. Regardless of which qualities you’re looking for in a team of maintenance staff, the most important thing to remember is that training is never over.

Keeping Up

It’s well-known that practice makes perfect, so if your maintenance crew is used to performing the same tasks every day, they’ll begin to lose their touch with the less frequent (but equally important!) tasks. Regular refreshers will not only help your crew stay in-the-know with everything that is expected of them, but will also increase their efficiency across the board.

Boosting Skills

When it comes to knowledge, no one has ever said ‘less is more’. Your staff may have all of the basics down, but it’s important to provide consistent training opportunities to boost their skills in more advanced areas. This will not only raise the bar for both your team and your property, but will also keep your staff members from becoming complacent.

Less External Expertise Needed

The more your in-house maintenance staff can do, the less you’ll need to rely on outside services. For example, it’s not completely common for maintenance workers to be knowledgeable in plumbing projects, but being able to utilize that kind of in-house expertise means saving yourself – and your wallet – from bringing in a separate plumbing company. Of course, that same idea can be applied to many specialized areas.

Planned Companies’ Constant Education

Offering and organizing routine training opportunities isn’t always an easy feat to accomplish for every in-house maintenance staff. While you want to have the best maintenance workers at your property, it’s hard to keep them in tip-top shape without the right resources. Planned Companies trains all of their associates before they ever enter a job placement. Along with their pre-training, employees also receive regular training and education at our in-house training center (known as ‘O.R.A.C.L.E.’). In this learning center, associates are kept up-to-date and refreshed on proper landscaping methods, roofing practices, pool management, and more. It’s all just a part of partnering with Planned Companies’ maintenance services.